Is there a (undated) roadmap?

@qiang: Do you have some sort of roadmap for Yii2.0? Even if it would be only a list of topics that are finished and a list of topics that need work. With or without due dates. Any view of the progress you and your team are making would be fine.

I’m just anxious to exploring Yii 2.0 :slight_smile:

Sort of…

@Da:Sourcerer - thanks. I am indeed looking for a list sort of that, but just not so detailed.

I was hoping to see a list like:

  • Database:

    • SQL builder: done (which includes all involved classes)

    • Active record: done (which could involve CActiveRecord, active finder, all validator classes, …)

  • Application basics

    • Application: work in progress

    • Model: todo

    • Controller: todo

    • View: todo

  • Application components

    • user

    • security

Even if the list would be expanded during development, us yii fans get an idea of the progress of Yii 2.0

And there would be no deadline to make (= no pressure) for Qiang & co.

Just updated here:

THANKS!! Exactly what I was looking for.

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