Is There A Script That Generates Slogans By Pattern?

Need a script, which would generates keywords by template.

For example to specify a template:

(<I><My friend><Our people>){<do><make><build><develop>} 'mega super' ({<book><site><table>})



'I make mega super site',

'My friend buid mega super book site',

'Our people make mega super table'



Rules (can less different):

{a | b | c} - selects one of the values​​, for example, «b» 

[a | b | c] - selects a combination of values​​, for example, «bac» 

[+ Or + a | b | c] - selects a combination of values ​​using a separator, e.g., «b and a and c» 

Unlimited nesting of inserts / templates of different types of 

Different brackets quotes would mean options occurrence of words in a string.

I find more WIN app and one site, but can not find class/library or service with API.