Is the framework statistics by yii framework LIE???

Hi Guys…just saw this benchmark provided by DooPHP framework which shows codeigniter faster than yii…

SO question is in the current benchmark codeigniter was v v slow compared to yii…

which one should i believe.????

and this is benchmark by yii.

Don’t just look the graph… check what the test app does to see what did they really test… and then decide… but realize that it’s not all in the speed…


If you are not experienced in programming you’ll probably be able to write code in assembler that runs slower than a wordpress blog :) Benchmarks may sound interesting but at the end of the day the whole decision of choosing an appropriate framework depends on so much more (caching, dataformats like html or JSON, reusability of code).

Example: I read all the time about “node.js” and its ultra scalablility but there are a lot of situations where it “scales” so much worse than python/ruby/php and it is actually harder to write simple CRUD apps with node than with plain old PHP if you look at all the callback madness. So it really depends on what you want to do. So rather than asking “What’s the faster framework?” you should think about “what’s the right language/tool to achieve my goals”



Thanks for the answer…but i have made yii framework as the choice for a v large enterprise application 2 weeks back. Now my choice can be questioned when i see conflicting statistics…is it just a marketing gimmick then…

As long as your overall goal is more than just

echo "Hello world";

the benchmark is crap and tells you nothing at all. Not about Yii and not about any other framework in this comparison. It is fundamentally flawed because you would never use a framework to just output a simple string. You’ll connect to databases, log messages, validate user inputs etc. and that’s the reason why some frameworks choose to always load code used for such behaviors and others don’t. Hence the difference between frameworks I guess. But it doesn’t tell you anything about the overall performance.

EDIT: It reminds me of comparing a Ferrari with an old VW and saying “To make this test as fair as possible we are removing the car engines and will push both cars 2 meters forward…manually…” ;)


Yii can definitely handle large enterprise application if your own code is good enough. It’s stable: we’re not breaking backwards compatibility without a very good reason to do it. And you’ve got all the nice features on board. Also… we don’t have “doo” in a framework name :)

Thanks Hannes and Sam…

I hope we continue to be with yii…I have big hopes with this framework.And we can always work and make it better…thats what open source is about…