Is that possible to override extension's class?

Hello everyone,

I have a problem,

I use Yiistrap with a theme and I wish to override TbHtml::breadcrumbs which is called by the run method of TbBreadcrumb.

 public static function breadcrumbs($links, $htmlOptions = array())


        $divider = TbArray::popValue('divider', $htmlOptions, '/');

        self::addCssClass('breadcrumb', $htmlOptions);

        $output = self::openTag('ul', $htmlOptions);

        foreach ($links as $label => $url) {

            if (is_string($label) || is_array($url)) {

                $output .= self::openTag('li');

                $output .= self::link($label, $url);

                $output .= self::tag('span', array('class' => 'divider'), $divider);

                $output .= '</li>';

            } else {

                $output .= self::tag('li', array('class' => 'active'), $url);



        $output .= '</ul>';

        return $output;


I want to delete the self::tag who create the divider, so I searched how to override this method/class but I can’t find anything about the possibility to override extension’s class.

Is that possible?

Thank you for your time.