Is It Possible To Hide The Right Column Space If It's Not In Use?

Take a look at this image

Right hand side has a huge white space and I can’t expand the grid because it’s at its maximum width, the right-side-white-space is reserved for the column menu.

How can I hide that white space IF there is nothing to show?

Hi, just change the div class from span9 or 10 or 12 and check if works good

otherwise if that is different layout. You can restrict from the action itself.

Depends on how you get hte content for right column.

For example, you can use content blocks (CClipWidget may help) and set column widths according to whether sidebar’s content exists or not.

Here’s some info about using CClipWidget:

you can create your own full size width layout. and set that layout for this action, so that you can display gridview in full width