Is It Possible To Build Model Using Json?

I am having to retrieve 50 different json’s from an external API.

I am curious if I can build a model for each json statically or possibly dynamically.

Some of the services (api’s) offer a meta call that allows me to get the structure of the json.

Should this be a component class or extension?

I am playing with it in a controller right now but eventually I need to build something to handle all of the different services.

Any advice would be appreciated.


surely you can extend the CModel class !

if i were you ,i may do this thinking: the api provider like rdbms can be treat as a dbConnection(api url is same to dsn) .

in rest style api : the resource is similar to table .

hope to hear others voices!

Thank you yiqing95!

I agree with your analogy of the api url (db connection) and resource (table)

If you know of any good examples, please let me know.