Is it possble to enable automatic href creation for each table row

I have generated simple application with CRUD.

The index.php just lists the table data in rows.

The index.php does not creates href for each row, which would lead to row editing or deleting.


ID Th Nw Core Mat Nw Shell Mat Nw Qdw Mat

Metal Nw Passivating Layer Growth Mech Growth Meth Ns

1 1 th1020 fg fg fg fg fg

I would like that cells in column ID, or column Th would have not simple text, but hrefs to corresponding views.

I can input row id manually in the address bar with update:


but i believe it is not the way the framework should work.

Thank you a lot!

I am sorry. Each row is editable. You have to scroll to the end of line and you will find an "editing" mark.

My table rows were long and i did not imagine that editing is on the end of them.