Is Giix ( Extention Of Yii ) Has The Abality To Save Has_Many Related Data?

I am using Giix extension in yii . It is working great . Now i am getting trouble with save data which have 1 to many relation with the other table.

in model BaseProduct we have

'relatedProducts' => array(self::HAS_MANY, 'RelatedProduct', 'product_id'),

in view

 <?php $this->widget('ext.Chosen.Chosen',array(

							'name' => 'Product[relatedProducts]',

							'value' => $model,

							'data' => GxHtml::listDataEx( Product::model()->findAllAttributes(null, true)),

							'disableSearch' => false,

						   	'htmlOptions'=> array('class'=>'form-control','style'=>'width:400px;','multiple'=>true),


					; ?>

in controller


now my question is , is Giix has the ability to save related data for HAS_ONE relation ? or i can write code for myself ?