Ireport extension

Hello! Does anyone use this extension?

I try to use it in my yii app but I get these errors when I try to generate some report from database:

Undefined index: gname

Undefined index: gname

Undefined variable: isPrintRepeatedValues

in file ReportRender.php

Can you please help me with this?

Thanks in advance!

I get these errors in IReportParser.php

I have changed "gname" to "name" in lines that get errors for "gname"

For the isPrintRepeatedValues error I added the default value (true) for the variable in the default section of the switch at line 611

switch ($data->textFieldExpression) {




                $writeHTML = false;

                $isPrintRepeatedValues = true;  // <--- I add this line

                if ($data->reportElement->property["name"] == "writeHTML")

                    $writeHTML = $data->reportElement->property["value"];

                if (isset($data->reportElement["isPrintRepeatedValues"]))

                    $isPrintRepeatedValues = $data->reportElement["isPrintRepeatedValues"];

                $this->pointer[] = array(

                    "type" => "MultiCell",

                    "width" => $data->reportElement["width"],

                    "height" => $height,

                    "txt" => $data->textFieldExpression,

                    "border" => $border,

                    "align" => $align,

                    "fill" => $fill,

                    "hidden_type" => "field",

                    "soverflow" => $stretchoverflow,

                    "poverflow" => $printoverflow,

                    "printWhenExpression" => $data->reportElement->printWhenExpression,

                    "link" => substr($data->hyperlinkReferenceExpression, 1, -1),

                    "pattern" => $data["pattern"],

                    "writeHTML" => $writeHTML,

                    "isPrintRepeatedValues" => $isPrintRepeatedValues,

                    "rotation" => $rotation);


Hi Giorgio Loi,

I am facing the same issue while trying to use ireport?

Have you found the solution? Can you please let me know how to go about with this?

Thanks & Regards,