Invoking meysampg/yii2-formbuilder drag-n-drop view

Hello, I’m a new user if yii2. I am experimenting with ‘helper’ apps such as gii. I recently installed the meysampg/yii2-formbuilder extension which is a drag-n-drop form builder and have not been able to figure out how to invoke the view that shows the drag and drop form. I’ve played with it on the author’s demo site and it appears to be straight forward.
The documentation appears to be focused on the coding aspects and not the url route to the view.

I’m sorry that this is such a basic question.


Hi @wildhorsemusic, welcome to the forum.

meysampg/ yii2-formbuilder is a form builder Widget that you can use in your view. This extension doesn’t offer you any form builder view or controller action for it. You have to create them on your own.

Thank you for your patient reply @softark. I figured the controller stuff was all on me. I was hoping a sample view might be in there with all the elements and kind of looking to use this as a rapid development tool like yii2-gii, so I could focus on business logic and database design.

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@softark, I feel like an idiot! I followed the instructions on the mesampg/yii2-formbuilder page, which was to SIMPLY add 2 lines to an existing view, i.e. about.php and it works! I guess, I was expecting so much harder. I’m sorry to have even posted such a lame post.