Invoice Management

hello guys,

am developing an simple shopping cart project and i want to manage invoice and payment

i already have tables for order and its items etc.

i want to generate invoice after order confirmation and i want to manage payment for it

but i don’t know the efficient way to design this schema. in order table i have details about subtotal, discount, tax, total, customer_id, order_status etc.

please help me doing right way.

Thank you…

From what you say, you already have the ‘generate invoice’ part. After order confirmation, redirect to the invoice view.

Managing payment is a complex (read HIGHLY regulated) area.

In general:

tbl_customer { id,…}

tbl_order { id, customer_id,…}

tbl_order_detail{ id, order_id,…}

It’s late here, sorry if I’m rambling.