Invoice Generator

I need someone code a invoice generator like this:

invoice-generator .com

I will pay 50$ if you can do it with all that functions and finish before 1 week (before 14/5/2014)


Does that include the paid version of the app as well? As in the part where it says "Upgrade" in the main menu.

And is your budget really $50?

are you kidding for 50$ ???? Please don’t joke around here…

No need to code the upgrade part.

In Yii you can implement it in a few hours

if your hourly rate is around 8-15$/h its a reasonable price.

Thank you

yes I can do it.

But only invoice generate as PDF.

That’s it all in 50$. no records saves, no other functionality, no registration/login nothing, no designing, no upgradation .

Just make invoice as PDF.

I’ve attached below files.

check it out.

skype - sarthakdabhi

email -