Invalid markup generated by yiic tool.


I noticed that when you generate a new application using the [tt]yiic webapp[/tt] command, the generated XHTML does not validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

W3 Markup Validation Service

The following errors are found:

  • This document uses an inconsistent DOCTYPE declaration.
  • ID "LoginForm_rememberMe" already defined.

The first error is because the generated markup is using an obsolete document type declaration. The second error is related to a duplicate ID for a hidden field and the "Remember me next time" checkbox.

Thanks! Fixed.

Hi, now I'm being picky.

I know it doesn't matters too much, but in the default home page generated by [tt]yiic webapp[/tt], there is a missing closing tag </li> just before the line:


If your Web application should be driven by database, do the following:


That is correct. The ending li is after the inner list.

Hi Quiang,

The line with the inner list is correct. The line with the missing </li> tag is the following:


<li>Create new controllers and actions manually or using the <tt>yiic</tt> tool.

I see. Fixed. Weird that FF didn't find this out.