Introducing Crudle - Yii2 starter kit with multi-tenancy support

Hello all,

I have been working on a starter kit that will provide most of the usual boilerplate needed in a real world project. I am taking some ideas from various open source projects like ERPNext and CraftCMS etc as well as, work I have done in previous Yii1 and Yii2 projects.

So far the beta version is working and is slated to include Dashboards and Report Builder tools and Workspaces for creating landing pages with menu shortcuts and notifications that can be customized to a user etc.

Other goals include to have built-in support for Email templates, DB backups, Data import via Model-mapped (downloadable) templates, Printing formats and custom Workflows logic.

The UI is currently using Fomantic UI, however I am already considering support for Admin One (Bulma) and Sailboat UI (Tailwind CSS).

SPA-like behavior using HTMX and jQuery will be included as will various widgets like FullCalendar and LeafletJS.

See the Crudle repo for more…

As a test I had created a DB admin project to see how it would work and that was interesting playground. This can be seen here…

I look forward to providing some updates when available. Meanwhile do check out the work and provide any kind of feedback that can help shape the direction of the project in a good way.




Nice project

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