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We’ve recently relaunched as a Yii application. The site is a portal for students wishing to study in the US from abroad and vice versa.

The site contains several distinct modules which we have created to bridge multiple databases and applications (For example, the scholarships module of the application is also used by our scholarship sites: and – Also built completely on Yii ) To do so, we’ve made heavy use of the themes capabilities of Yii.

:) really nice !

congrats !

good design and layouts

Thanks =) We’re using Twitter Bootstrap for the CSS base structure. The application is running on Yii 1.1.13.

How long did you guys took to develop the site?

Looks awesome :D

Just so you know, the layout breaks in between tablet & phone sizes (might look weird on phablet style devices)

Looks like you have incorrectly set your @media tag in the responsive css