Internationalization yii category


is there any way how to translate 'yii' category with Yii::t() method?


Note, category 'yii' is reserved for Yii framework core code use.

In framework folder I can see some message files for chinese, but if I get the quote above right, it says something like "You cannot translate those messages" :/. Is there any way how to do it w/o annoying class extending and method overwriting to change proper code to show what I want depending on chosen language?

If the messages in your language is not available, you can translate it and send me your translations. I will add it into the framework.

Well thats quite a lot of work for now, I’m in rush finishing this web and still learning Yii, which took me much more time than I expected :/. Maybe some time in future ;).

Not a problem. I don't really think you need the translation of those core messages though. I guess you mainly want those form error messages to be in your language. If so, you just need to specify the 'message' option in the validation rules.