internationalization based upon the customer

I have a single code base Yii application up and running with a dozen or so clients.

Each client has their own login and database, all be it they are running from the same code base / directory on my server.

One have my clients has asked for some suitable tweaks to what UI elements are name, for example the ‘Create Job’ button needs to be ‘Create Project’ throughout the application.

How do I accommodate this without lots of hideous if statements to first check the client ID?

I was looking at internationalization but I’m not convinced it’s the right solution…

If you can’t do it with internationalization, then I would try the following.

I will store each user’s preference ‘Create Job’/‘Create Project’ in the database.

When the user logs in, I will store this preference in a session variable. This is obviously done only once.

ALL create buttons will then use this session variable’s value as caption. This way you don’t have any IF statements when generating the buttons.