International Date Formats: Does Yii2 Still Need Datetimei18Nbehavior?

In yii 1.x you need DateTimeI18NBehavior (extends CActiveRecordBehavior) to convert input dateformat to database dateformat (for example: input "31.12.2013" needs to be converted to "2013-12-13").

yii 1.x DateTimeI18NBehavior:

… and its problems:

How will yii 2.0 handle this?

$wo_date = "31.12.2013";

$date = date("Y-m-d", strtotime($wo_date));

Output: $date = 2013-12-31;

Converting should be automated specially if you have a lot of tables (models) with a lot of datefields.

Using DateTimeI18NBehavior works, but is not the best way (triggers ActiveRecordLogBehavior even if nothing changes).

In my opinion ActiveRecord ($model->save()) should handle international date formats without the need to convert the imput format (view) to database format (mysql).