intergrate piwik

Hi, I am planning intergrating piwik 3 with yii2. Except for using the http api, I am trying at first to implement the embedding widgets solution from piwik, which is a fast way to present the analytics of the website to the customer. The problem is that if you use it as it is, it redirects the customer to the piwik to login, and then presents the widget. It would be a lot better if the customer was auto logged in. As piwik proposes there is a method to autologin, but needs a redirection to get there and again the customer has to return the site page. What should I do to make this action invisible?

  1. use an invisible iframe. I haven’ t ever did this, the plan is to create a hidden iframe and the corresponding cookies. Is it easy to create an iframe with yii2?

  2. may be open the logme module of piwik inside the site page, but how I could do that? If I do this I could send the user to specific site of piwik or url, even though this is different from embedding widgets

link for embedding piwik report

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.