Intergrate 3rd party scripts

I’m trying to embed phpfreechat in my site. Everything’s tickity boo except one of the parameters in phpfreechat is a url pointing to a specific file. When I point to this file I get a 403 forbidden. By the way its in vendors/chat/chat.php. Any way I can make this accessible.

put it under an accessible directory, under proctected or framework directorys its forbidden by .htaccess file

another option is to render it in a view

The only thing is, I want to use some yii classes, for example for username.

Did you made it work?

I want to implement some similar feature

me too!

So far I’ve added the phpfreechat files to the root directory of my server. I then call the chat object in the view file for my chat controller.

However, when the page loads I just get a box saying Chat Loading… Please wait.

Anyone got any ideas why this is?

@msalerno You say you’ve got it working tickity boo? How excatly are you embeddeding phpfreechat into your Yii application?

Many thanks!

I am too very interested in that question, and i got the same problem.