Integration With Legacy System

I am developing a new system and am 75% complete, now the client merged with a another company and wants to merge the existing system (home grown php - very nice / pretty but not very robust) with the new system (Yii).

They do some really cool stuff with javascript / ajax.

I would like to wrap it with Yii, is this possible? Does the controller lock down everything?

I know I can call out to other urls from within yii but am not certain what rules I must live by if I am on the same server.

Any advice would be appreciated.

the other day, i was looking at wp+yii, though i was not happy about what i experienced but that gives me some clue how to do this kind of things, yii wiki has articles about that you could refer to

  1. move legacy layout to yii, so both look and feel the same;

  2. use yii as entry point and route control to have legacy site parallel with yii side by side;

or maybe have legacy site runs as one of the modules, strip out layout to yii and use yii control to render legacy pages as view … just my thought.

Thanks for your thoughts RootBear. I am leaning to trying to use the legacy pages under Yii control, I don’t know if I have to use Active Record if I do so. The legacy system has it’s own db functions. But just two tables but lots of code that is really pretty and very cool functionally, so want to use it if possible.