Integration With Jquery, Bootstrap, ...


I’m totally new to Yii. In fact I haven’t started any project yet, only evaluating Yii as my possible framework for my future projects.

I’d like to now about the possibilities of integration between Yii and other technologies, specially with JQuery and Bootstrap and maybe with Boilerplate and SASS too.

Is it easy the integration? And the maintenance (updating the Bootstrap version in a started project, for example)? Where I can find specific information and manuals?

Thank you a lot,


Hi, welcome aboard.

jquery plays nicely with Yii. The framework already bundle jQuery in its distribution. You can call it (and jQuery UI also) with CClientScript. Most of jQuery UI goodies can be called as widgets: see in zii.widgets.jui under api documentation.

Bootstrap is alvailable as an extension (make a search in the extensions directory) , there are a couple of bootstrap related extensions. They gives you a convenient way to use bootstrap goodies as widgets.