Integration Of Plain Php Web Pages With A Yii Web Application

Hello friends,

       We have created numerous web pages in plain PHP(which also involves a lot of javascript and ajax code) which need to be [i][u]"Integrated" into a website built in YII framework[/u][/i](maintained by someone else).

These plain PHP pages are working fine(bug free) currently when used separately.

So u "experts" kindly suggest/instruct us about the simplest/smartest procedure of integrating our webpages into the website(developed in YII) which requires minimal possible YII development knowledge since none of us are very experienced in it.

Thanks all,

Prateek A.

Hi Prateek, welcome to the forum.

I’m not very sure what you mean by “integration”, but …

  1. A site built with Yii can have a link to a page built with plain PHP, and vice versa.

Probably you may want to deploy your pages in a sub directory of the site. You have to negotiate with the site maintainer to get a dedicated sub directory for your pages. He/she will reserve it for you and it will not be controlled by Yii any more.

The site maintainer will then create some links to your pages in the Yii-powered pages.

And also you can create a "home" link in your pages.

  1. You may want to customize the appearance of your pages in accordance with that of the main site.

It can be a time-consuming job, but is theoretically a simple job.

  1. What else do you have to do?

Do you have to share the user session with the main site? Do your pages need the user to log in? And the main site also have a log in page for it?

Do you have to share some db tables with the main site?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then the integration needs much more to do. You have to communicate with the site maintainer to get the detailed information.