integrating Yii in a existing project - good idea?


i played around with Yii and i’m really impressed! great framework.

i have a existing project, everything is coded by hand. template engine is smarty.

you think it is a good idea to integrate Yii in a exisitng project for further development?

Or do you think integrating Yii is a shitload of work like doing eveything new from scratch?

what you think?

The company I work for is currently redoing the entire front-end in Yii (was previously in Prado). It is a huge undertaking! Although development with Yii is much faster than was with Prado (and I suspect many other frameworks as well) it still takes time to rewrite an entire site, especially if that site is rather large.

I think it the real question is why would you like to integrate Yii into your site and are those reasons enough for you to put in the initial work of recoding your entire project. I know for us there were many reasons that caused Yii to be appealing such as ease of maintenance, strong community support / extension library, efficiency to name a few. I can tell you as someone who is currently integrating Yii into an existing project it IS a huge amount of work but if you expect your site to be around for a long time it may just be worth the effort and time investment.

In your case, I would go for rewriting everything from scratch in Yii.


You said you just started with Yii, well in this case, even though is more work to do, you will learn how to use Yii in real world ;)

So, from my point of view, you have a huge opportunity here ;)

can any one pls help me how to integrate one yii application into another existing yii application

Since this is off-topic: google Yii blog app as module.

I think I have seen that smarty templates can be used in Yii1.x.