Integrating third party apps

Hi everybody,

Im developing a product that should rely on third party Apps. Actually I’ve tried to look through the Api-Module published on the “extension” section on the yiiframework website, but is lacking documentation and I’m not really comfortable with Chinese language.

So maybe the best way to run an external app in an iFrame inside my product is releasing a simple Api Key (like mailchimp) that the external app should use on every Api Call that it’s gonna make toward my service.

Btw I would like to find a way so that the third party app can keep trace of my user’s status related to the app.

For Instance: The third party app is a quiz game and my user can play the quiz through my product. How the quiz provider can keep trace of the user score and solved quiz list? Maybe I can just send one more parameter like md5(user->email) and let the quiz provider handle all the information between the user and him.

Best Regards,