Integrating Plain Php Web Pages With Existing Yii Web Application

Hello friends,

       We have created numerous web pages in plain PHP(which also involves a lot of javascript and ajax code) which need to be "Integrated" into a website built in YII framework(maintained by someone else).

These plain PHP pages are working fine(bug free) currently when used separately.

So u "experts" kindly suggest/instruct us about the simplest/smartest procedure of integrating our webpages into the website(developed in YII) which requires minimal possible YII development knowledge since none of us are very experienced in it.

Thanks all,

Prateek A.

I’m also a newbie, but since no experts have answered yet, I’ll pitch in.

In my experience with my 1 project, a couple of the main advantages of Yii and most frameworks are,

  1. setting up all the CRUD, the interface to the database, let Gii do all that.

  2. Setting up a separation of the logic and the views, so that it is easier to modify and scale the application.

If your current application is bug free and working fine, I wonder why you want to move it into Yii.

I believe you would have to rewrite the pages, putting your logic into your models, and your display into your view pages.

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