Integrating ExtJS with Yii without the use of extensions

Hello everybody, I work with ExtJS and would like to integrate it with Yii (but do not want to use the extension because I want to use the ExtJS native). I’m trying to put the index.php (which is to include the js files) folder inside the protected/modules/<My module>/views, but he does not give me permission to run/access files directly into this folder. Would anyone have any suggestions for folder structure to use ExtJS with Yii or how I would do to get around this?

Thank you!

We create another one. Htaccess allow from all setting inside / views, so the htacces / protected blocks of everything that’s inside / protected, but he sees it. Htaccess of / views, then release only / views. I do not know if it’s the best way, but …

HI, like you, I am trying to use ExtJs + Yii, so I am really interested in your experience. Did you succeed?<br />


Hi guys

I’m trying to do more or less the same thing as it seems.

Unfortunately I only have little experience with extJS and Yii.

What I have managed so far is to have a extJS viewport in the layout/main.php

But this is not a good solution because it reloads the whole stuff. I would like to have a MVC solution (extJS4, MVC)

Maybe the extJS app should be built only in extJS and

some controller output should come from Yii views.

What are you thinking?



I put the part of Ext JS in an external folder outside protected.

I created a "framework" with interesting abstract classes, components, etc., using Ext JS and Yii, if you are interested, please contact:

Some information about the components that created it


Application Generator Yii with Ext JS

Would you have some english docs for this ?

Can you help me how can i use extjs and geoext in my yii application?

for using extjs in my application widgets how can i add extjs to my widgets?

I want to publish extjs with assetManager in widgets but this approach doesn’t work?

Can you help me how can i use extjs

I have a basis for you to make your Yii system with Ext JS very easily, the most generic part is already all done, you should only worry about the most specific part of your system:


With just a few lines of code you develop new modules to the system. It is easy to understand and complex part is all being done internally by the base already. You will develop Ext JS much easier and will result all the quality that technology offers.

The application has the following features:

( New) Updated to version 4.2 ;

( New) Interface and Traditional Desktop using the same code with the same performance of traditional databases ;

( New) Font icons - Icons sources are now making their flexible manipulation , size , color , etc. .

( New) Includes neptune new themes ;

( New) All treatments done internally to all sorts of relationships between tables : related data are obtained and saved automatically by the base without worrying about the logic . For example , modules related to the User is obtained in php and treated in Ext JS already specified components ) . Relationships 1 : N is done internally for additional fields from another related table and ease the side of the front-end to create related combo .

( New) Followed best practices for Ext JS 4.2 Relationship with the themes , abstractions , overrides , etc. .

( New) Frame mounted by Sencha Cmd which greatly facilitates the packaging of the application and its update

( New) Includes component for treatment of N: N relationship ( See for example, modules in the User form )

( New) Includes modules developed for any type of relationship already implemented on top of the base , including DER , script database and workbench file.

Whole structure created in MVC ;

Dynamic change of language ( intercionalização ) saved as preference in localStorage ;

Dynamic change theme saved as preference in localStorage ;

Login screen ;

Dynamic loading of permissions;

Automatic session expiration ;

Mask to load the application ;

Component built- in help system ;

Grids with dynamic filters ;

Grids with dynamic groupings ;

Using the component for converting the contents of the grid to PDF including features applied in grid - groups , filters , sorting , etc. ;

There is also this other even cheaper base that has all the above features, but it lacks the imbutida desktop interface it:


On my website, there are many other products, all with backend functionality yii as toast, look calmly which may be useful to you, is in Portuguese, but to give you an idea, and many have demos for you to test online:

Hi guys, you can check my answer at here