Integrate zoom meeting with yii2 app

hello guys,
I want to know is there any way to integrate zoom video calling and meeting with my yii2 app.
if there is a way then can you please guide me on how can I do this thing.


Do you mean having a link to the meeting or the meeting window built into the website?

I want to add zoom button or link in my app or some thing like that, which work as same as it is working in originally

What should the link do? Open / prompt to install zoom desktop app?

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this will connect with zoom app and start meetings by inviting other or many more like the same behavior of zoom which actually has.

If you see in wordpress there is a plugin for zoom and after installing plugin add credentials of zoom like private key public key and some other key then it shows zoom on your frontend page

so i want like this in yii 2 but how it is done i dont know so thats why i raised a question here

Thanks for the links, i will check these links and inform you about the progress or errors

Hi @samdark saw this and got curious, will take a look at zoom.
I am looking to integrate jitsi meet or the jisty server with yii2 project any clue if someone already did some extension or what do you recommend.

Thanks in advance and Keep Safe

FYI, there have been various security as well as privacy warnings related to Zoom recently.
For example here on cnet.

So far I arrived, but I now how to create a meeting, It seems not possible from here.