Integrate Jquery Mobile with Yii

Hey guys… I am not sure if this is the right place for posting this question and i apologise if is not. I want to ask if anyone has used Yii with jquery mobile. It would be nice to hear someone experience. It would be even nicer if Yii in the future supports jquery mobile in its core as jquery now.

Also another question for experienced developers. Regarding MVC, what is the best approach to follow in order to design a desktop and mobile web site? Of course there would be a set of views for each one of them and the application’s logic should be on a single controller that handles them. My question is what is the best way to design and implement this controller? Using inheritance and dynamic binding for each kind of screen? Having a series of if statements is surely bad design and bad programming skills…

I am starting to implement jquery mobile into my Yii powered site and have found that using a simple Yii theme is pretty basic. Using a theme you can override all the views you want and use your existing controllers and models.

Check out this page if you haven’t seen it yet:

Could you explain your approach a little bit more please?

From what I understand, your "jquery mobile" application has to be a standalone (non php) series of html pages making ajax calls to serverside, is it right?

Are you converting (saving as…) the html pages from the serverside php pages to build an standalone html?