A Hack Using Yii & Bootstrap

Hey everyone,

This is my first post on Yii forums. I’ve been using Yii since 1.1.6 and created a hack with a few people over the course of a week using the newest 1.1.12 framework.

Yesterday we released the hack, called Instatune, as a beta at If you use Instagram and love music, you should try out the service! What we’re trying to accomplish is to provide a new way to discover and share music through music moments. A moment is created by pairing a song that best matches a picture you took on Instagram. We’ve tried to make the user experience easy and fun to use.

We developed this site using Yii and Twitter Bootstrap and deployed it on a dedicated Dev cloud on PHP Fog. We are using MySQL as our backend. What attracted us to Yii was how fully featured it is out of the box, which allowed us to focus mainly on the content rather than structure. Twitter Bootstrap also helped tremendously in prototyping and I find it one of the best front-end frameworks out there.

Check out and let me know what you think! Constructive feedback and suggestions about Instatune are welcome and we’re always looking to learn more about Yii as well.