instantiation of application

Hello there.

Yii novice here i need of help ???

I have made a wannabee webbased CMS for which is ment to manage various home pages. This is working as intended but i just found a major flaw.

I am unable to have more users working on it at a time. My application sets all the data to the most reacent logged in user, which is not the way i intended it to work.

What i am looking for is a way to instantiate the application, so that every user logging in is given a instance which they can do whatever with, within the boundries of the CMS.

From what i can see now, the system seems to adjust its database connection to the lastest connection, so that if user1 is editing something on site1 and user be logs in and selects site2, user1 is automatically being giving site1 database, which is what i want not to happen.

My CMS works by connecting to a webpages database and enables manipulation of the database thereby changing the content of the webpage.

Is there a fix for this or do i have to start all over?

Thanks in advance - Rasmus

Sounds like there is a fundamental design error with your application. I doubt there is a quick fix, especially as we don’t’ now how your site is stitched together. You’d get better answers by asking more specific questions. I wouldn’t be surprised though that you eventually conclude to resign it from scratch again though.

But is there a way to instantiate the application so that each user get their own instance of the application?

It seems like they are sharing it as it is now and that is not the best when its a multi user CMS =(