Installing yii on usbwebserver

I am trying to install yii on usbwebserver, but get the following error-message:

c:\>usbwebserver\root\yii\framework\yiic webapp c:\usbwebserver\root\testdrive

‘“php.exe”’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. :huh:

I also tried installing yii on XAMPP, same error-message?

MMM why the path starts from c:\ if you are talking about a usbwebserver?

USBWebserver also works fine when on the c-drive, and someone already told me that maybe the problem was that i ran the USBWebserver from a USB-stick. That’s why i put the webserver on my c-drive. However, this makes no difference, same error-message appeared. But thanks for replying to my question

The error say that it cannot find the "php.exe" file… so this is not in the PATH… you will need to edit the yiic.bat file and write the complete PATH to the php.exe for this to work…

Thank you so much for the reply, however, the USBWebserver doesn’t have a PHP.exe (i already contacted the USBWebserver-team with this question) but i did find the PHP.exe in the XAMPP, but i do not know how to edit a batchfile . Can anyone help me with this?

if there is no PHP.EXE file it means that this web server does not have the PHP language… and then you cannot run a PHP script…

I’m sure this webserver (which is build to function on a USB-stick) does run PHP-scripts and has MySQL (and PHPMyAdmin)? Please take a look at it, it’s a dutch product and can be downloaded for free. I used this webserver instead of XAMPP all the way through the PHP-Professional course and Masterclass PHP (Both at Eduvision).

Anyway, i also have XAMPP on my laptop, but i do not know how to edit batchfiles, can anyone help me with this?

editing a bacth file is no different than editing a PHP script file… just run your editor and open the file you need… on windows batch files has the extension BAT…

Seems that this installation does not have the command line PHP…