Installing Yii On Localhost For Denwer

Hello there,

I have denwer on my windows 7 installed and some knowledge above 0 about denwer/php/yii.

Can’t make Yii run on localhost because cant figure out what folders go where. Downloaded 1.15 version, unzipped and frustrated atm.

I have denwer folders on C, D and N drives (now lost where what goes) C (C.jpg) =, D (D.jpg) = (my projects stored here), and on N as fas as I put localhost/requirements/index/php in browser (N.jpg) -

From some tutorial I added a string "d:\webservers\usr\local\php5\" to the "Path" in the "environment-variables".

I remember installing 1.14 Yii version thru Run-cmd window a month ago. And I got smth Yii installed in fact (D.1.14.jpg)

But I am stuck at making it display in browser, plz walk me thru folder by folder, thank you a lot!

Is there any other information I should provide?

Would be happy to run 1.14 version no problemo =)