Installing Yii in a particular link folder

Hi friends,

I have installed correctly Yii via composer, but when I try to load a Hello World i have the following error :

Invalid Configuration – yii\base\InvalidConfigException

The directory does not exist: <DOMAIN_PATH>/assets

Really this domain path don’t exist and might to be <DOMAIN_PATH>/basic/assets or <DOMAIN_PATH>basic/web/assets

What I’m doing wrong or what I need to change to have correct path.


Ricardo / Brqx.

When you “install Yii” you are actually creating an application that uses Yii as a dependency: it gets put in the ‘vendor’ directory.

How have you set up your Yii application? Apache?

If so, then you probably have configured a virtual host with a web root pointing at [yii-application]/web.

How are you running it?

http://localhost ?

Check your web server logs.

Also, make sure that the web server process has write rights to app/web/assets and app/runtime.