Installing Yii Appliance in VMWare in Win Vista


My first experience in PhP (coming from the .NET world), so be gentle :)

The Yii Applicance docs state :

2.Download Yii 1.0.6 Virtual Appliance (16.9 MB).

3.Unzip the Yii aplication.

4.Load the Yii aplication in VMware.

Exactly what file is the "Yii application" : is it the file "Yii.vmx" in the folder path :


There are two other files with the extension .vmdx in that folder : server.vmdx and data.vmdx

thanks, Bill the ignorant

Yes, Yii.vmx is the one.

You will see a command line only.


Thanks, Tommy, now the only problem is I can’t get VMWare server to allow me to log in. I have the password they sent me, but using “admin” or “Admin” and/or any other piece of information that I used to register … as the username … VmWare login fails.

Of course, I have reported this to VMWare, and it’s not a Yii problem. Waiting for a response from VMWare.

best, Bill