Installing Selenium

Ok, I’m completely lost…on page 45 instructions are given to download the Selenium Remote Control “zip file”. When I go to the URL in the book, there is a download for “Selenium Server (formerly the Selenium RC Server)” so I downloaded that but it’s a “.jar” file. Never heard of a .jar file but I assume it’s just another kind of compression so I unzipped it in a folder on my C drive named “selenium”. The author says to look for the folder that contains the actual RC server, and that it would be named something like “selenium-server-1.0.x/” but there is no such folder or even close to it. Below is a screenshot of my “selenium” directory. How do I proceed?

you should keep it in jar form. Don’t extract it. To use that file you may access it through DOS by call this command: java -jar path_to_selenium_server\selenium-server.jar

Got it, thanks!