Installed Srbac - Need Help For Implementation

  1. I have installed usre module, SRBAC module for my yii project. SRBAC working properly.

  2. Now i want to give permission on Department, that Super Admin can do create, update, delete dept, while other user can only view

My DepartmentController starts by

"class DepartmentController extends SBaseController"

  1. I have created 2 users named UserA, UserB

  2. Created auth item for dept using srbac


Image 1 2014-03-04 15 37 45.png

  1. Assigned SuperAdmin role to UserA

  2. Removed public function accessRules() from public function accessRules()

  3. My requiremt is - normal user can view department while super admin can add/edit/delete department

This is not working as per my expectation. after removing accessRules() without login department/admin is being accessed.

How to do the required permission? Pls help

see the attached table and directory screenshots


Image 2 2014-03-04 15 43 32.png


Image 3 2014-03-04 15 43 59.png


Image 5 2014-03-04 15 44 46.png

Help please.I have same problem