Installation problem


I’m new to Yii. I wanted to install Yii on my vServer. The requirements was ok so I generated my webapp…

After the installation there was a error message: (see the Link)

I checked everything I founded at google but nothing really worked.

Do someone have an idea what’s wrong? I also tried to install the same package on my Mac and everything was ok. So I can develop my App localy but when I’m finished I want to publish that B)

Thank you a lot for ideas and sorry for my bad english.



seems that because of some server configuration set_include_path() is failing… check the doc for this function and the comments for some suggestion if it fails -

Hi Dimian

can you see link below:

@khanh nho

You gave a link to a list of array functions… can you at least explain why and what to look there…


Seems you resolved your problem as your site is working now… can you write what was the problem and how you solved it

Hi mdomba,

I wanted to post it in the same day but in the forum a new user cannot post more than 3 posts per day… after that I forgot it :)

The problem was in the config file of confixx. PHP Core since 5.2.5 cannot change the include_path if it is already set in a config file. The solution for my problem was comment the line out from confixx_mhost.conf:

; php_admin_value include_path .

So if anyone use confixx to control the system and has the same problem, this works :)