Installation Plugin Jqyey

Hello I bought a jquery plugin (Smooth Zoom Pan - jQuery Image Viewer), I have problems installing:

Use the following ways to load the script: $ cs = Yii :: app () -> ClientScript; $ cs-> registerScriptFile ('script, CClientScript :: POS_HEAD);

the plugin is accompanied by jquery to version 1.9.1, which is more than this jquery script to insert into view




                        width: 512,

                        height: 384,

                        zoom_BUTTONS_SHOW : 'NO',

                        pan_BUTTONS_SHOW : 'NO',

                        pan_LIMIT_BOUNDARY : 'NO'




        function writeObject(){


                var zoomDataObject = $('#yourImageID').smoothZoom('getZoomData');               


                        "Normal X: <span style='color:#000000'>"+parseInt(zoomDataObject.normX) +"</span>"

                        +"<br />Normal Y: <span style='color:#000000'>"+parseInt(zoomDataObject.normY) +"</span>"

                        +"<br />Normal Width: <span style='color:#000000'>"+parseInt(zoomDataObject.normWidth) +"</span>"

                        +"<br />Normal Height: <span style='color:#000000'>"+parseInt(zoomDataObject.normHeight) +"</span>"


                        +"<br /><br />Scaled X: <span style='color:#000000'>"+parseInt(zoomDataObject.scaledX)  +"</span>"

                        +"<br />Scaled Y: <span style='color:#000000'>"+parseInt(zoomDataObject.scaledY) +"</span>"

                        +"<br />Scaled Width: <span style='color:#000000'>"+parseInt(zoomDataObject.scaledWidth) +"</span>"

                        +"<br />Scaled Height: <span style='color:#000000'>"+parseInt(zoomDataObject.scaledHeight) +"</span>"

                        +"<br /><br />Center X: <span style='color:#000000'>"+parseInt(zoomDataObject.centerX) +"</span>"

                        +"<br />Center Y: <span style='color:#000000'>"+parseInt(zoomDataObject.centerY) +"</span>"     


                        +"<br /><br />Scale Ratio:<br /> <span style='color:#000000'>"+zoomDataObject.ratio +"</span>"          




Have you tried without yii framework?

It seems like jquery not load properly :(

I have try plugin without framework jquery!, and it works

now i have this error: event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. use jquery 1.11