Installation on Ubuntu 10.04 Beta / PHP 5.3

I have been developing and deploying web apps using CI on the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and PHP 5.2. Anticipating the next LTS version for Ubuntu (10.04 Beta - it comes with PHP 5.3.2) which will be released soon, I have started to test my web apps and other potential frameworks, including Yii which I’m very interested in, as I plan to upgrade my servers.

I downloaded Yii 1.1.1 and installed it according to the instructions but encountered a strange problem. When I tried the demo applications - Blog, Hangman or even HelloWorld, I can only view the main page once. If I click any link on the main page or reload the page, I will either get a blank page (using Firefox 3.6) or and error message - "This webpage is not available" (using Google Chrome). If I restart Apache, the main page is accessible again but the same problem persists. I tried on two other servers with the same result, regardless if I did a fresh install of Ubuntu or if I upgraded from 9.10.

I have tested on Ubuntu 8.04/9.10 with PHP 5.2 but did not encounter such problem.

Since I’m new to Yii, I have no idea on where to start to debug the problem. Hope someone can tell where to start.


Not sure, what "This webpage is not available" means in Chrome. Could even be a DNS problem. Can you supply details? Also check with another browser.

You should also check the logfiles of your webserver (Apache) for errors and enable full error logging in php.ini.

I’ve enabled all error reporting in PHP but still nothing displayed on screen or logged to file. I searched the forum and found this info related to APC:

So I checked the php-apc installation, found that it is installed but did not appear in phpinfo. Reinstalling it seems to solve the problem.