Installation Issues

Tried installation Yii3 on a Yii2 machine ( of course separate directory) to coexist together as a development machine.

  1. step one manual download ( clone) from Github.
  • Ran Composer then found issues with PHP settings. I could not find the requirement php file which helps to have the basic requirements. this is will be helpful.

  • Once composer issues was rectified, found asset manager not found while composer update was performed install. then cleared composer cache but still failed.

  • Step two tried composer create-project --prefer-dist --stability=dev yiisoft/yii-project-template myapp it ask for NPM binaries. Why do I need NPM.

Please simply the installation process before going forward. Its important to strengthen Yii2 on PHP and integrating other technologies.


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Noted. Thanks for feedback.

NPM isn’t required anymore.