Installation doubts


Maybe this is an easy question to solve, but I can’t figure it out. I’m just making my first implementation (publication) of a yii app, I have a FTP access to a hosting server (using Filezilla as FTP client), my doubt (question) is with installation. Actually, I don’t know well how this works, but I can see root folder “/”, that is my root directory (right?), which means, and is there where the webapp entry script (and all the content of the app, i.e protected, themes, index.php) should be located… if so, where yii framework goes??

Thks in advance for your replies

It depends on your host. :)

If you can, put it outside of the web root directory.

Otherwise, put it in it.

Usually there is root folder, under which you have folders with domain names, and under each domain name you should have public_html folder, and that is where you should upload your code. This is most common on shared hosts that allow multi domain hosting, but it is possible that your server is configured different.

Thanks for your replies, I think webroot is the way to go