Installation and Setup of Yii Framework (for: not wamp or xampp is installed)

Hi all. I’m new to Yii Framework and I would like to know how can I Install the framework to my webserver? Unlike most of the tutorials, I don’t have wampp server or xampp server installed on my unit. What i have is the manual installation for PHP, Apache, MySQL. Where do i unzip the archived files? Inside the ‘www’ folder? that’s what i named folder, where i usually save my php projects.

thanks. any help will be appreciated.

yes you are right, follow those tutorials and change the routes for the ones you already have, if you installed PHP+Apache+MySQL correctly then there should not be any problem

thanks for the reply. i was able to successfully installed Yii in my unit. Although I am not so sure about what to do with the system variables. I mean the tutorial was good, but it did not say exactly what to do with it. Do I need to edit configurations in the system, inside yii folder, what?

Hi Jhoiemarie

if you setup system variable then you will able to access the yiic command from anywhere on you system you can do that by going

My Computer > Properties > Advanced Settings > Environment Variables

look for path under System Variables

move you cursor right at the end of the line and type ;c:\your\www\dir\yii\yiic;

dont forget the semicolons