Install Yii2 - Requirements


A while back I used version 1 of Yii framework, and did a small application and liked the features, but didn’t get far with it i’ve finally got time to revisit Yii framework and it’s now Yii2, I’ve tried downloading Yii2 master branch on GIT and created a vhost, but can’t seem to get anything working to bring the home page of the applications?

have I missed something as I recall you used to just be able to download yii unzip it setup vhost and a-presto you had a working app, what has happened to the simplistics of it? what files/folder do I actually need without going to GIT or using composer to get a basic app up and running??


It never worked this way with Yii 1, you had to create the application either with yiic webapp command or manually. It changed in Yii 2 and you might want to take a look at the documentation.