install yii2 and use phpstorm


I need to use phpstorm with yii2. but i don’t know install and configuration them in windows.

please help me.

Thank you.

Both PhpStorm and Yii2 have good and detailed online documentation with a "Getting Started" (or similar) chapter. Have you run into any problem with installation/configuration? Do you have any actual question?

I install phpstorm and work with without problem. so i want use yii2 and configuration in phpstorm.

I did 2 work, first download yii2 in main site and unzip in my xampp. but i create new webapp in xampp with command in cmd.

secound install yii with command in cmd,

but in 2 way , i couldn’t configure in phpstorm and use with phpstorm.

I don’t know, is it correct work or i have wrong about yii and phpstorm?

PhpStorm doesn’t provide any direct support for Yii2 and the framework doesn’t require any specific configuration in PhpStorm. You can simply create a “nomal” PHP project in your app’s root directory and it should work fine.

Thank you for your response. so what is this link? I confused.


This wiki article seems to be outdated. The Settings dialog in PhpStorm changed a bit since then. [color="#008000"]EDIT: Besides that, the article is about Yii 1.1.x.[/color] But there’s nothing to worry about, these configuration settings aren’t mandatory. You can start to work with Yii in PhpStorm without changing any defaults and - after getting familiar with the IDE - you will figure out the settings you are comfortable with.