Install - White Page for index.php

So I installed using the steps in the dpcumentation to the testdrive folder. But I have an issue:

When I try to view the machine on my local (windows XP, apache, php5) the page shows as just a blank white page. I upload the same exact framework code and testdrive folder to my hosting (linux), and the page shows properly.

Now It is very inconvenient to have to code on one, and then test on my server, so I am not going to use Yii unless I can get this white page to show what it is supposed to. Under the requirements it says that I pass all requirements except for memcache.

Any help into potential httpd.config issues or php.ini issues (I don't see it being code wise snce it works on my web server) would be helpful, thanks.

Did not like the APC module, so putting ; infront of extension=apc.dll fixed it