Install via composer success but not runs

I install Yii 2 via composer, in this folder root/sri2

I access localhost/sri2 and see a list os files.

What is hapenning?

Inside this folder( /sri2 ) i can’t find a index file.

How to make yii run?

Probably a good idea to go and read the docs? :)

each doc ai see, explain to change doc root to the web folder os de project.

this not my case.

i have


project 1

project 2

project 3

Can you give a direction how find this doc?

I need that accessing /project1/ this be redirected to /project1/web/

I have tried 10 diferents htaccess a never work

Windows solve the problem direct in the file system

mklink /j "D:\webroot\sri2" d:\webroot\sri3\web\

I redirect my entry point sri2 to public folder.

I add a index.php in sri3 redirecting to sri3\web.

.Htaccess does not solve the problem, give mi access denied