install the yiic webapp demo

Hello ,

I was looking at the 1.

In the instruction video at around 4:00 time the person says to install the "yicc webapp demo" but I am on a windows system running wamp. I cannot connect to localhost and dose not work from dos.

how do i get the environment setup to install yicc webapp demo in windows?

C:\path\to\yiic webapp C:\path\to\your\website

In addition to sensari suggestions…

My main dev environment is linux, but I am confident that if you follow these two articles wiki 3 and wiki 75 you will find your answer. I have done something similar in the past that worked.

If not, then post back your challenges and welcome to yii blaxinix

Hey thanks guys. It worked ! :)

Good on you.

Mind posting back your solutions. For other future developers in your situation