Install and Configure Yii Site

Hello Guys

I am a complete newbie so go easy on me here please !!!

I’ll start by saying that i am not a Programmer, Dev, Designer or anything else and i know very little about the Yii Framework which brings me to my next questions.

I am looking for someone to install and set this up on my server on my test domain so i can fully go through the site and it’s features before it goes to the final domain?

The site is a penny auction site which was built using the yii framework and though i saw a demo of this the demo was not fully working so i am looking for this to be setup ASAP.

The files that were sent i believe may not be in order but never the less they are there, the site is currently not in english but in georgian but the english files were sent over for the frontend as i was told that you can change back to english from admin panel for rest of the site.

I would like for the site to restored back to english and also have this done ASAP if possible, just reply back here or PM me with details of price for this job.