Insolvency News

Insolvency News

This site is completely driven by Yii. It receives around 5,000 visits in the space of an hour every week, and handles this without any problems - I haven’t yet used any caching. I have used the TinyMCE extension and several tutorials from the cookbook.

Yii has made this project a pleasure. Thank you.

Is the forum entirely developed in Yii?

The forum is driven by PunBB 1.3. I found it nice and simple, straight forward to tweak. I added the forum after the original post, so it’s no longer strictly accurate that the site is entirely built from Yii.

Hi Alex,

I am planning to integrate punbb in my yii driven website. Since i am new to web development its difficult for me to handle these tricky situations.

Can you please let me know how to get this done or suggest some source where i can search for solution.

any help is much appreciated.



Hi Alex,

Very nice looking site. I will be building a similar type of site over the next few month, only to improve my Yii skills nothing commercial yet.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know there is a bug on the magazine tab, it doesn’t display and the digital edition page only has the side bar. I know its not a Yii issue just wanted to make sure you are aware.

I’m using Firefox 13.0 but also had the problem in IE 9.

Best wishes


Brilliant mate.well done

Good work! Design is a bit weird for my taste.